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Aim is one of Hong Kong’s most experienced web development companies. As such, our team incorporates some of the most skilled and highly qualified web development experts. We utilize a broad spectrum of web development methods and employ an innovative web development process that incorporates cutting edge search engine optimization techniques. By providing a comprehensive range of web development services, we provide an end to end solution that can be tailored to your individual requirements. Our company has the expertise to satisfy all your web development needs and ensure your online marketing produces real and measurable results for your business.

What is Web Development?

Web Development is the term used to describe all non-design related activities involved in building and developing a website. These activities typically include domain management, site architecture (structure, lay-out, functionality and back-end systems), content development, programming, coding, server configuration and security. Web Development is a highly specialized field that requires a good understanding of the World Wide Web and applies programming skills, internet applications and knowledge of information systems.

Aim’s Cutting Edge Web Development Process

Aim’s cutting edge web development process is proven to outperform our competitors by meeting the needs of hundreds of satisfied customers every year. Our web development process includes seven continuous steps, including:

  • Analysis: Aim’s web developers analyse the technical construction of the web and online behavior of the target market, as well as verify the accuracy of domain information as it relates to your web marketing needs.
  • Strategy: Aim’s web developers evaluate and organize the information to design a web development strategy that correlates with your web marketing plan.
  • Architecture: Aim’s web developers design a blue-print for your website’s structure, layout, functionality and back-end systems.
  • Creation: Aim’s web developers use programming languages and HTML tools, as well as other information technology, to create and structure the new site.
  • Implementation: Aim’s web developers configure the new site to our state of the art, secure server environment and link the website to the domain information on the web.
  • Positioning: Aim’s web developers use SEO techniques technology to position the website in major search engines for maximum exposure to your target market.
  • Monitoring: Aim’s web developers monitor the website and its environments to ensure correct parameters at all times.
  • It's this innovative web development process that makes Aim a world class web development company.

    The Costs and Benefits of Web Development

    Web Development for Online Marketing

    With the increased usage of popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo, professional web development incorporating proven SEO techniques, has become imperative for a successful, integrated marketing plan.The need for a professional web presence becomes more crucial every year.

    Online marketing is fast overtaking traditional means of marketing and advertising. Times have changed, and social and technological factors are a major influence on current and future trends. “With almost all expenditure on traditional media in decline, the upward momentum of the internet reflects a new era. The internet is a hugely popular mass medium now, and advertisers are continuing to switch more of their budgets online to build their brands and interact with their customers." (Guy Phillipson, Chief Executive, Interactive Advertising Bureau).

    Online consumers become increasingly more particular about the types and styles of websites they use, furthering the importance of having a well designed, fully functional, informative website that is easily found and easy to use. A website designed and developed by a professional web development company is more likely to satisfy all requirements for a successful online marketing campaign and thereby produce high results and return on investment. To see the types of results we produce for our clients, contact us.

    Choosing a Web Developer

    The increase in the use of the internet naturally means that there has been a boost in demand for web development. In turn, web development has become a high growth industry. This growth is being fuelled by small and large businesses alike that recognize the tremendous benefits provided by online marketing, e-Commerce, automated workflow, intranet, extranet and online management systems. Congruently, hundreds of small, new web development companies have popped up in response to this demand, as well as accountants and IT consultants charading as web developers. In fact the web development industry is flooded with very inexperienced, unqualified web developers who are lacking the resources and expertise to provide professional, high quality website design and development.

    Many companies have experienced the inconvenience and loss that choosing the wrong web developer can bring. We should know, as many of our clients have come to us to correct problems created by other web developers and provide the results that our smaller competitors could not. Such mistakes can become expensive, as companies are forced to pay again to correct problems. Also, for the time that the website is down it is costing money in lost revenue, ineffective practices or drained resources. Choosing a small or cheap company for your web development can be a costly mistake. At a minimum you must remain cautious and be vigilant in your selection of a web developer.

    Accurate, precise web development is crucial. Ensure that the web developer you are choosing demonstrates proven, quality results via an impressive list of clients and credentials. Your web developer should have an extensive portfolio and testimonials that position them as an industry leader.

    How can Aim Help?

    Aim can help your business capitalise on the opportunities that the internet provides. Our portfolio incorporates over 1000 satisfied customers, including commercial and non-profit sectors. SEO results , produced by our SEO techniques, position our clients at the top of leading search engines. Aim has the expertise, methodology and technology to make your website your most valuable business asset.

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