Customised Solutions

Aim’s Customised Solutions are a fully tailored option that caters to the distinct needs of your business and is geared around these special requirements. Aim’s Customised Solutions compliment internal processes and systems, and existing applications such as your offline accounting system.

A thorough and comprehensive diagnostic process is used to determine the most ideal specifications for your Customised Web Solution and formulate the most cost-effective recommendation. Our experienced and professional consultants will identify ways Aim can streamline business practises and satisfy your Online Marketing needs.

As your Customised Solution is scalable, your web model has a reduced risk of obsolescence. Your website can evolve in response to the changing needs of your business, and as your business grows and develops.

Even the most sophisticated of websites is simple and easy to use. You will see an increase in productivity, improved overall efficiency, and reduction in labour costs as resources are freed up. Client relations are enhanced through better communications, transactions and greater value.

Search Engine Marketing

Aim’s solution to Search Engine optimization, ensures your website achieves top rankings in leading search engines, including Google and Yahoo! . With Aim your SEO will be tailored to suit the requirements of your business and industry, involving a holistic approach to your Online Marketing Strategy with careful analysis of your target market and derivation of appropriate calls to action.

Website Design

  • Standard Web Page Design
  • Flash Development
  • Flash Action Script
  • Customised Flash Development

Web Development

  • Standard Website Development
  • Customised Website Development
  • Site Search
  • eCard
  • Form and Live Chat
  • Career / Employment Management System
  • Survey Management System
  • Applications Consulting
  • Job Applicant / Testing System

AimCMS - Content Management System

  • Customised CMS, with multi-tiered admin systems
  • Multi-Tiered Content Approval System
  • Multi-Site Content Management System
  • Website Factory
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Page Creation System
  • Image Gallery
  • Integration with YouTube
  • Form Management System
  • Banner Management System

AimPMS - Product Management System (on-line shop)

  • Customised Product Management System
  • Multi-Tiered Category Management System
  • Integration with various back office and accounting packages
  • Payment Gateway
  • Multi-Currency Payment Gateway
  • Dynamic Key Encryption System
  • Simple to Complex Pricing Matrix
  • Inventory Control
  • Freight Management System
  • Recurring Payment
  • Order Tracking

AimMail - eMail Marketing (EDM Service)

  • Standard AimMail System
  • Advanced AimMail System, including tracking of number of emails uploaded, sent, opened, bounced, etc.
  • Customised AimMail System

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customised CRM System
  • Integration with Various CRM Systems

Google Maps

  • Integration of CRM System with Google Maps
  • Distributor Finder

AimCare – Website Support

  • Updates and Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Hacker Insurance: site monitoring and defacement monitoring
  • Email
  • Web Statistics
  • Technical Support: 24 x 7 x 365 email / telephone support hotline

Other Services

  • Customised Intranet Solution
  • Online Auction
  • Online Financial Calculator/Customised Calculator
  • Integration with ASX
  • Video Streaming
  • Timesheet Systems
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Language Translation System
  • Project Management System

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