Directory Submission Service

As part of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process we can submit your website to over 3500 directories. Submitting your website to directories is one method of gaining important one-way-links to your site and vital in any linking campaign for SEO. The directories in our directory submission list are either paid, unpaid, reciprocal or free directories. As part of our directory submission service we can specify a particular category, the page rank of the directory and paid or free directories, to submit your website to.

As part of the directory submission service we manually submit your website to as many directories as you wish based on your budget, the directory requirements and any timeframes. We pride ourselves on our manual submission process, for its depth and deep linking ability. As we enter your website into the directories we keep track of the directory that we have submitted to. This helps us in forming reports for you and also, in the future should you choose you can elect to buy another batch of submissions without us submitting your website to the same directories again. Our tracking system records all sites submitted to and updates our main database related to your account, ensuring complete and accurate records. This service is provided to you for free with our directory submission service.

At present, there are over 3537 directories in our list, ranging in pagerank from 10 to pagerank 1. We suggest submitting to all of the top level directories and in our list the top directories are represented by pagerank 4 (PR4) and above, to pagerank 10. We have over 1777 directories with pagerank 4 to pagerank 10 and these form the best directories available on the Internet to submit your website to. As these represent the top directories to submit websites to we encourage any business to submit to as many of these as possible.

Many of the top directories require logins and we take care of this for you, saving you the time and the hassle of signing up, authenticating and logging in - Imagine doing that 1500 times!

Some of the top directories to submit website to are paid services and we can target these or we can skip them instead focusing on free listings, this will save you money but it may be wise to include some paid directories and in this case we can take care of that also.

When we have submitted your website we then complete a comprehensive report on the directories your website was submitted to and you receive this on email.

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