Hong Kong Web Developers

Aim Internet is among the elite established Hong Kong web developers.  Our team of professionals works in Hong Kong and specializes in all disciplines of web development, from scoping and planning through to the delivery of innovative web solutions.  As Hong Kong Web Developers we use six steps in our developer process - scoping, planning, analysis, design, development, implementation and web promotion in order to create the most efficient web & Internet marketing strategies.  Hong Kong web developers use industry standard web development planning procedures and practices so that we can deliver quality web solutions.

As Hong Kong web developers, in the scoping stage analyze the technical architecture and functionality of your new website and formulate the best support and development plan for your individual needs.  In the planning stage we identify your target market and develop goals for the persuasive delivery of your marketing information to your intended web visitors.  In the design process, Hong Kong web developers structure the data into single A4 pages and plan out their individual layout.  These pages are joined, and pieced together to give the site a constant navigation.  In the development stage of the web development process, HTML tools are used in order to piece together the development.  Implementation means Hong Kong Web developers create and organize the file structure and layout for the web site.  During the web promotion step in Hong Kong web development, the online marketing and promotion communication is brought into play on the website.  This means we promote the website to the whole of the Internet and all similar and associated industries.  The promotional methods that Hong Kong web developers use are specific and targeted web marketing strategies and online business promotion.

In addition to the mentioned steps there is a continuous cycle of refinement and development ongoing to ensure the website is tailored and moving forward.  It is exactly this ongoing refinement and knowledge that makes Aim the leading Hong Kong web developers and reason you should contact us to see how we can help you.
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